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Recruit top sales professionals, leaders and management with us

With over 30 years of experience in sales and strategy across various industries, we possess a deep understanding of the dynamics of sales and management and how to build a successful sales strategy. Our expertise allows us to effectively understand your recruitment needs and identify the best ways to strengthen your sales force and management team. Our mission is to provide you with the top talent to enhance your team's performance.

Recruiters and HR Teams

We are proud to introduce a new kind of recruitment firm that aims to be your lifetime recruitment partner. We believe in not just filling positions, but in constantly coaching, educating, and developing your sales force to ensure long-term success. Our recruitment process is designed to be efficient and effective, ensuring that we can provide you with the best-fitting candidate for your sales force in a timely and effective manner. Please take a look at our recruitment process and let us know how we can help you achieve your sales goals.
Headhunting and recruitment services for top sales professionals in Sweden


Top Salespeople

We have a passion for sales and a proven track record of successfully identifying top talent. Our extensive network of highly motivated sales professionals and managers in Sweden allows us to find the perfect fit for your team's needs.

Building an effective sales team with strong, experienced candidates


Sales Managers

Our continuous engagement with top sales managers from various industries allows us to stay current with the latest trends and best practices, and enables us to quickly match them to new opportunities as they arise.

Headhunting and recruitment services for top sales professionals in Sweden

We want to

Understand your needs

Our ability to quickly grasp your challenges and needs when building your sales force is one of our strengths. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to gain a deeper understanding of the specific qualities and skill sets you seek in a sales professional, and to work together to find the right fit for your team.

Building an effective sales team with strong, experienced candidates

Stay in shape

Sales Training

We highly recommend that all sales professionals commit to ongoing training and development in order to stay competitive in the field. To support this, we regularly post valuable advice and tips on our social media channels, providing a valuable resource for salespeople to improve their skills and knowledge.

Our recruitment process

Our recruitment process is designed to be straightforward and efficient, we understand the importance of finding the best talent as quickly as possible.

Step 1

Initial meeting

  • We understand that each company has unique sales challenges and objectives, that is why we take the time to have an initial consultation with you to fully understand your specific challenges, desired development of your sales force, and the specific skill sets you are seeking in a candidate. This allows us to tailor our recruitment process to your specific needs and goals.

Step 2

Check ability

  • We conduct a thorough assessment of our networks and evaluate our ability to find the best match for your needs. If we believe we have a strong chance of success, we will send you a detailed agreement outlining our proposed recruitment process and services. By signing the agreement, we can officially begin our search for the ideal candidate to strengthen your sales force.

Step 3

Start meeting

  • We schedule an initial meeting as soon as possible to gain a comprehensive understanding of the specific sales profile and skill set you are seeking. This allows us to tailor our search and recruitment process to your specific needs and ensure that we are identifying the best candidates for your organization.

Step 4


  • We use a multi-faceted approach to find the best candidates for your organization, including advertising, searching our networks, and conducting advanced headhunting. We interview candidates who match the profile and skill set you are seeking, and carefully evaluate their qualifications and experience. We then present you with the top-performing candidates, providing a curated selection of the best fit for your organization.

Step 5


  • Once we have identified the top-performing candidates, we will arrange for you to meet and interview them. We encourage you to provide prompt feedback on each candidate, so we can adjust our search and recruitment process as needed. Once you have had the opportunity to meet and interview the candidates, you can make an informed decision on who you want to employ.

Step 6


  • We understand that gut feeling can be important, but we also recognize the importance of conducting thorough background checks before making a hiring decision. That is why we always verify references with former employers, clients, and co-workers. This helps us to gain a well-rounded understanding of the candidate's qualifications, experience, and work ethic and ensure that the candidate is a good fit for your organization.

Step 7

Sign candidate

  • After you have selected the best-fitting candidate, we will assist in the negotiation and drafting of an employment agreement, if needed. Once the agreement is signed, the candidate will officially become a member of your sales force and begin working for your organization.

Step 8


  • We understand the importance of a comprehensive on-boarding process to ensure that new employees are quickly integrated into your sales force and able to contribute to its success. We can provide guidance and advice on the various aspects of the on-boarding process, including orientation, training, and mentorship, to ensure that your new colleagues are able to hit the ground running and make a positive impact on your sales organization.

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